Monday, August 13, 2012

A 20-year-old black man attempted to rape his grandmother after complaining to her that he could not get a girlfriend

Samuel Dye beat his grandmother with a hammer before launching the sex attack. He had complained about not being able to find a girlfriend and told her he was going to get some. Police said that Dye's assault was stopped by his father after he heard the screams of his 61-year-old mother. He found his son on top of his mother with his trousers pulled down and hitting her in the head with a hammer. The father pulled his son away and detained him until police arrived. The attack took place after Dye turned up at his grandmother's home in Chester, South Carolina. Dye is being held at the Chester County Detention Center having been charged with attempted murder and attempted sexual contact.


Anonymous said...

Holy shit!!!! Talk about jaw-dropping!

Anonymous said...

Blacks are apparently as bad as muslims about having sex with their immediate relatives.

Anonymous said...

Even animals in the wild don't do shit like this!