Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cannibal cop Gilberto Valle plotted to slaughter his future bride with the help of a depraved Pakistani butcher who bragged about his skills — and even sent the officer a video of a goat’s throat being slit

In an online chat with Valle in 2012, a Pakistani who called himself Aly Khan said that he would love to slaughter a girl and make her into meat, according to a transcript read aloud in Manhattan federal court in testimony by FBI Agent Corey Walsh. Khan sent Valle a graphic YouTube video of someone slitting a goat’s throat halal-style, in an effort to educate the cop about butchery and show him that anyone can do it with a little practice. The video is so sickening, prosecutors have been barred from showing it to the jury. Only a still picture of a knife against a goat’s throat in the moment before slaughter was entered into evidence. Valle — who met Aly Khan on a Web site for human-meat-obsessed perverts — wrote in one chat that he was “trying to pick out a girl who i can send over” before saying “i can talk my girlfriend into going to india,” where Aly Khan claimed to live. “If you bring her here, i promise i will make a good meal for you,” Aly Khan wrote in January 2012 about Kathleen Mangan, the woman who would become Valle’s wife about six months later. The Pakistani butcher said that he would kill Mangan as humanely as possible, adding, “i can’t resist her meat.” “Will you participate in the slaughtering process with me,” Aly Khan asked. “Absolutely,” Valle, 28, wrote back. “I have longed to butcher and cook female meat.” The two also shared twisted plans to humiliate Mangan. They would “tie her down spread eagle” and take turns raping the woman, mother to Valle’s baby daughter. “It would humiliate her. do you have something to keep her mouth open? otherwise she will bite,” Aly Khan wrote. “Hell yes,” Valle replied. While Aly Khan claimed to be a butcher in India, the feds actually traced his IP address to an unspecified location in Pakistan. During another chat two days later, Aly Khan accused Valle of not really being interested in slaughtering women, saying, “you are wasting time buddy. I am for real not fantasy.” “I am just afraid of getting caught. if i were guaranteed to get away with it, i would do it,” Valle responded. Later on, after Valle said he had picked out another victim — then-Archbishop Molloy HS senior Kristen Ponticelli — to tie “to a metal frame and slowly roast her alive until she dies,” Aly Khan asked, “ARE YOU SURE?” “Definitely,” Valle replied. Khan then said, “Get your mind ready. I will guide the rest.”

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