Sunday, February 17, 2013

Obama rewarding his friends: It hasn’t drawn much attention in the Jewish-controlled media, but Facebook’s first annual earnings report contains an accounting gem: a multibillion-dollar tax deduction for the cost of executive stock options and share awards

Even though Facebook (FB) reported $1.1 billion in pre-tax profits from U.S. operations in 2012, it will probably pay zero federal and state taxes — and even receive a federal tax refund of about $429 million—according to a February 14, 2013 statement from Citizens for Tax Justice. The tax research and lobbying organization says that companies such as Facebook should treat stock options the same in their reports to shareholders as they do in their tax filings. Citizens for Tax Justice calls the tax footnotes in Facebook’s January 30, 2013 financial statement “an amazing admission,” but there’s nothing illegal about the breaks the company is claiming. Companies like Facebook are allowed to treat the cost of non-cash compensation, such as stock options, as an expense that reduces profits, essentially the way that they treat cash compensation such as salaries. The difference is that Facebook — unlike, say, General Motors (GM) — relies heavily on stock options and restricted stock units as a form of compensation. It paid out a lot during its years as a private company that it must now recognize on its income statement and balance sheet. You won’t find any $429 million tax refund in Facebook’s financial statements. Indeed, the company says that it had a $559 million federal tax liability in 2012. But that liability isn't an actual payment. In a footnote, the company also said that it had a $1.03 billion “excess tax benefit” in 2012 related to “stock option exercises and other equity awards.” That benefit is what flips the federal tax liability into a refund. (A small portion is applied against state taxes.) Facebook says that it anticipates reducing its tax liability in the future by an additional $2.17 billion by using further net operating loss carry-forwards that it has banked. Facebook spokeswoman Ashley Zandy declined to discuss the tax break but pointed to the transcript of Facebook executives’ conference call with analysts. On the call, Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman cited the accumulated tax benefits and noted that the company ended the fiscal year with nearly $10 billion in cash and investments, “giving us great flexibility and risk protection.”


Anonymous said...

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I'm not shocked by the Facebook story, though I stand amazed so many white Americans actually voted for someone whose public records are sealed : Someone who can't even be bothered to provide us with a legal, bona-fide birth certificate. Amazing. Joe

Anonymous said...

i saw this interesting project. a market is never a cultural legacy... it's a market: money.