Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jewish rhetoric about tolerance is best understood as an effort to promote the best interests of Jews

When Jews talk about tolerance what they really mean is using their political and economic power to undermine the rights of gentiles with whom they disagree.


Anonymous said...

On one hand there are Jews promoting massive immigration and tolerance of minorities, and on the other hand, there are Jews promoting intense hatred for minorities and immigrants : i.e. the jew "Fr. John".

And -- my all-time favorites - the online Nazi Jews promoting Nazism 24/7/365 -- even goading us on to holocaust the jews en-masse : i.e. the jew Kaminski.

Jews are totally schizophrenic.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

It was, since the 19th century -- and still is - a dream of certain type Jews to rip the US apart. The Jews of Charleston,SC did everything they could to foment the War-Between-The-States, for example. Massive immigration is another one of the tactics to divide us, to rip the country apart.

Then, other Jews come along and incite us on to Secession, playing on our frustrations with Uncle Sam -- especially incite the Southerners to Secession. Yet -- the Jews who promote open borders and massive immigration have the same exact goal as the Jews inciting us on to Secession -- rip the country apart and divide the US,forever.

About the Jew Hunter Wallace [Occidental Dissent] and his true religion :

I keep in mind all the White sell-outs involved in this giant mess the country is in. Still, the Jews who want to rip the US apart are NOT helping matters, NOT at all.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

There's a big debate about Southern Secession going on at "Counter-Revolutionary Traditionalism" website :

"Pat Buchanan : Does The South Belong In The Union"

Very lively debate.

CRTraditionalism website is also on the blogroll of "Mind Weapons In Ragnarok".

From : Travis

Anonymous said...

@ Travis and All Readers :

There's a lot of information at "Counter-Revolutionary Traditionlism" website. Very informative and lively debates at CRT under the articles :

"French Dissidents"

"Nick Griffin Interviews Suicide Bomber In Syria"

A lot of information about the Jew infiltrator, John Kaminski, the Nazis and the Third Reich, Communism ; One of our most honest historians ever : Eustace Mullins, the NWO, Western culture and heritage versus the NWO, etc..

The subject matters being discussed there in the two articles and on the commentary threads are germane to "Jewish rhetoric..." as well.

Very informative articles and debates.

From : Owen

Anonymous said...

Another website to learn more about "Jewish Rhetoric" , Go To ;

"Kenny's Sideshow" :

Article entitled, "Death Ray For The Enemies Of Israel"

The article is okay, but the posts left by the readers are very informative. The commentary thread has about 42 posts. Most of the commentators leave links to very informative websites.

The debate is about Zionism, Islamic Jihad, Nazism, and Dasein {existentialism],Donmeh Jews and their role in starting The Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Jihadist groups, etc.

Extremely informative links by the readers. The commentators rip "Jewish Rhetoric" to shreds.

Donmeh Jews are Jews who worship Islam-Sufism -- or pretend to worship Islam-Sufism. Not sure exactly what their problem is.

From : Colt

Anonymous said...

Gosh, with such spectacular comments, I wonder why nobody devotes themselves to White Nationalism.

Get this crap off of here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 7:06

I notice on the White Nationalist websites that there's NEVER any articles critiquing Mormons, Shriners,or Freemasons. Sometimes a few articles on 501c3 type "Christians'. That's it.

The White Nationalists NEVER criticize Mormons, Shriners,or Freemasons, I notice ; If one tries to critique them --even if one is very objective and provides source references -- one is "banned" from the Nazi websites. In fact, one is "banned" immediately if one does provide source references, the post doesn't make it through moderation. Or, it's deleted immediately if there's no moderation,but one's IP # is blocked from thence forth.

I notice only criticism of Jews is allowed on the White Nationalist websites, but NO criticism of the Jews 3 most ardent groups of shabbos goys allowed. Can't criticize the shabbos goys. That's VERBOTEN.

Paradoxically, although one is free as a bird to say the most negative about Jews one wants -- including calling for the mass holocaust of Jews -- At the very same time, one is NOT allowed to say anything negative about the huge and immense role Jews played in creating and building the Third Reich in the very first place
[or Fascist Italy]. One gets "banned". It's VERBOTEN.

Heck, the Nazi webmasters get very perturbed if you say they least little thing about the Jewish role in building Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy. One is not to even know about it -- let alone bring up the topic. It's VERBOTEN.

"Dietrich Bronder + Bevor Hitler Kam PDF"

" Anthony C. Sutton + Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler PDF"

" Guido Preparata + Conjuring Hitler PDF"

"Rabbi Antelman"

"Hitler's Jewish Soldiers"

"Hitler's Muslim Legions"

"Hitler + The Muslim Brotherhood"

[It's VERBOTEN, of course, to mention Hitler introduced Islamic Jihad into the very heart of Europe].

Lots more info online. Some simple search terms will access a lot of information about the true nature of the Third Reich and Fascist Italy.

" Margherita Sarfatti + The Jewish Mother of Italian Fascism"

"Jews The Chosen People Fascist Italy Rejected"

"Mussolini + Margherita Sarfatti"

"Golda Meir + Pope Pius XII"

And, of course, one is NEVER to mention how many devout Catholics -- qua devout Catholics -- WHITE European Catholics no less, were brutally murdered by the Nazis :

We Nazis "Love" Whites, unless they're devout Catholics -- then we kill them. Many Catholics were thrown into the IG Farben slave camps and/or brutally murdered in Nazi occupied areas of Europe. One gets "banned" if one has the audacity to bring the subject up: It's VERBOTEN.

The White Nationalist "narrative" of Nazi Germany/Fascist Italy is so abridged of truth, the "narrative" might as well be a fairy tale.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

Another aspect of the Nazi websites I don't care for is how the Nazi webmasters are always pushing Nietzsche on their readers. "Chechar" is the perfect example.

The truth about Nietzsche; The first two websites are Satanic websites. The Satanists claim Nietzsche as one of their own. They also claim Hitler as one of their own also, by the way.

The Nazi webmasters are constantly pushing Nietzsche on their readers -- ie. "Chechar" -- Yet never tell their readers the true nature of Nietzsche. The Nazi webmasters never tell their readers the Satanists of the world claim Nietzsche as one of their own.

Nietzsche-ites are always claiming "God is Dead", but they Never say "Satan is Dead" : Never.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

Excellent point Joe.

I'd like to add another point about the Nazi webmasters vis-à-vis Nietzsche.

The Nazi webmasters are horrified about the gay liberation movement, for example -- horrified and appalled I tell you -- Yet, they never tell their readers the gay liberation movement started in Nietzsche's Germany with the Nazi "philosophers".

The New Age Aleister Crowley, for example, being one of the Nazi "philosophers". He knew Hitler. They were friends. Crowley greatly admired Hitler. Crowley was one of the leading Satanists in 20th century Europe, and played a role in shaping the "religion" of the Third Reich.

The Nazi webmasters never tell their readers the leftist New Age agenda they supposedly detest started with the Nazi "philosophers" in the very first place.

They hate the gay liberation movement while simultaneously pushing the very philosophers who gave us the gay liberation and the leftist New Age existentialist culture in the first place.

The Nazi webmasters, Chechar and many others, push Existentialism on their readers while never getting around to telling their readers all the things Nazis detest and complain about 24/7/365 -- gay liberation and the whole leftist agenda -- is based on Existentialism, the very Existentialism the Nazi webmasters are promoting !!!

" Nazis And The New Age"

" Savitri Devi + Hitler's Priestess PDF"

How the Gay Liberation movement started in Nietzsche's Germany :

Of course, the Nazi webmasters -- while focusing on the Jews -- Never tell their readers how many devout Catholics and sincere Protestant Christians were brutally treated, many thrown into the IG Farben camps, and many brutally murdered for remaining true to The Faith.

The Nazi webmasters lie more than the Jews do even -- and that's saying a lot. Well, wait a minute, quite a lot of the Nazi webmasters are Jews. Never mind.

"Frank Collins + Jew + Skokie Nazis"

"Hitler Was A Jew Himself"

From : Tassinari