Saturday, June 8, 2013

The black man who spray-painted a racial slur on his own Chesterfield home, and then set it on fire, is going to court

Police are calling the act a hate crime hoax. Olander Cuthrell, 41, will face two felony arson charges. The first charge is for setting his home on fire with his family inside and the second is for torching his car. Cuthrell first said that he was outraged that someone could have put his wife and kids in harm's way for no reason, but police say that anger was all just an act. Cuthrell is a minister of music at Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Petersburg. Police say that back in March 2013, he spray painted an offensive word on his home. He then set the porch on fire. No one was hurt, and the fires didn't take long to put out. The FBI became involved with the Chesterfield investigation, all because of the hate crime allegations, which at this point, are gone.


cecilhenry said...

Any 'hate crime hoax' is exactly the same as a hate crime.

The motivation is exactly the same, except more cynical.

So if you are going to have a ridiculous category of 'hate crimes', then hate crime hoaxes belong in exactly the same category.

I rather doubt the totalitarian government will see it this way, but that's the reality.


Anonymous said...

It is always interesting how the mainstream media makes less of a fuss over hate crime hoaxes than they do over so-called hate crimes.