Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The leader of the African National Congress in South Africa's Western Cape Province has claimed that 98% of landowners in the city of Cape Town are white and people in the Jewish community

Ninety-eight percent of land and property owners in Cape Town are white and Jewish, Marius Fransman, the Western Cape provincial leader of the African National Congress, claimed in an address to the Cape Town Press Club recently. Fransman made similar remarks during a radio interview in February 2013, claiming that the opposition Democratic Alliance - the dominant political party in the Western Cape - had given Jewish businessmen building contracts previously held by Muslims in two Cape Town suburbs. In the wake of Fransman's most recent comments, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission.


Christian Identity Forum said...

It would be hilarious if the blacks ran all the Jews out of South Africa or, better yet, killed them. Jews were instrumental in the downfall of white South Africa.

Luke Raines said...

Jews are so busy waiting for the second coming of Adolf Hitler that they don't realize that most non-whites hate them too.