Saturday, October 12, 2013

Three black bikers have been indicted in connection with a well-publicized clash with a New York SUV driver, the Manhattan District Attorney's office has said

Craig Wright, 29, and Reginald Chance, 37, have been indicted, according to the district attorney's office. A third man, Robert Sims, 35, has also been indicted, it said. Alexander Lien was chased by bikers after he initially bumped one during a biker rally on September 29, 2013. When his SUV was surrounded by several bikers, Lien called 9-1-1, told police that he feared for his life and drove off, running over bikers and critically injuring one. Lien's wife and 2-year-old daughter were in the vehicle with him. Lien's windows were smashed; he was dragged out of the SUV and beaten.

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