Friday, May 16, 2014

An Orthodox Jewish man pleaded guilty to sex abuse charges in a deal that lets him serve as little as three months behind bars — ending a case that the Brooklyn district attorney had made a priority

Baruch Lebovits, 62, answered “Yes” eight times as Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Mark Dwyer asked him whether he had engaged in oral sex with a teenage boy on eight different occasions in 2004 and 2005. Lebovits was convicted in 2010 of the same charges that he now pleaded guilty to and sentenced to 32 years behind bars before that conviction was overturned in 2012. Prosecutors offered Lebovits a sentence of two to six years in court, but in a sidebar, Dwyer told the attorneys that he would give a sentence of two years if Lebovits pleaded guilty. After accepting Lebovits’ guilty plea, Dwyer said that he arrived at the sentence of two years by checking state records and finding that was the average sentence for defendants with similar charges. The deal gives Lebovits two years in a city jail, but because defendants typically serve just eight months on a one-year jail sentence — and because Lebovits already served 13 months behind bars — he’s expected to do only about three months in a city jail.

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Gem Junior said...

These dirty, skanky old jews have molested and raped far more kids than Catholic priests, yet it's buried in the community and never told to the majority of the public. It's an absolute tradition, it goes on all the time. Then the next generation rapes the next. Most of us know about it but the sheeple should be aware also..