Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fifty years after the cataclysmic riots of the 1960s, rioting is still regarded as virtually a black entitlement

In 2013, there were 6,261 black homicide victims in the United States. The killers of those black homicide victims are overwhelmingly other blacks, resulting in a death rate in inner cities that is ten times higher for blacks than for whites. In 2013, 5,375 blacks were arrested for homicide, compared with 4,396 white and Hispanic homicide suspects combined. Blacks are only 13% of the national population.


Anonymous said...

They came here for a better life.

Luke Raines said...

Hey "They came here for a better life" guy:

Is that all you are capable of posting? Why don't you try coming up with a new sentence every once and a while? Or are you just some mindless troll who delights in his inability to come up with new things to say?