Saturday, November 1, 2014

Latin American cities have the most dangerous transport systems for women, according to a new survey

Colombia's capital Bogota, that has no city train system but a network of red buses, was found to have the most unsafe public transport in a poll conducted by YouGov. The poll of 15 of the world's largest capitals and New York, the most populous US city, found Bogota was followed in the list by Mexico City, Lima, and then Delhi. New York was rated the best of the 16 cities, followed by Tokyo, the world's largest capital with 38 million people, then Beijing and London. The study was commissioned by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, with a minimum of 380 responses from each city between August and September of 2014. Mexico City, the world's third largest capital with 21 million people, fared worst when women were asked if they were at risk of verbal or physical abuse on public transport. More than six out of 10 women in Mexico City, 64%, said that they had experienced some type of physical harassment on public transport. By contrast only three out of 10 women surveyed in New York said that they had suffered any kind of verbal or physical harassment while using the city's extensive subway system and buses.

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