Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Does Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, really want an honest discussion about race?

Steve Sailer imagines how such a conversation between the Jewish executive and one of his black baristas might go:
“My boss told us to write #RaceTogether on your cup and to start a conversation about race. You’re Jewish, right? How much do you know about the long history of Jews exploiting blacks economically? You should read up on the Jewish role in the slave trade, the sugar plantations of Brazil, Lehman Brothers starting in Alabama, Judah P. Benjamin in the Confederacy, Disraeli glamorizing imperialism, and Jewish capitalists in South African mining. And don’t get me started on the American pop music business! Have you ever thought about how Jewish privilege contributes to Jews making up a third of the Forbes 400?”
Steve doesn't think such a conversation would go very well at all. At least, not for the black barista.

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Anonymous said...

"Listening to Goldman Sachs for advice on how to run the economy is like listening to Dracula on how to run a blood bank."

UK economist James Meadway