Wednesday, April 22, 2015

United States: In 1970, less than 1 in 21 residents were foreign-born; today it is almost 1 in 7

The annual rate of immigration is almost double its level from the Reagan years and more than triple its level from the post-WWII boom years. Meanwhile, while 1 in 15 men aged 25-54 were not working in 1970, it is now 1 in 6; the total number of women aged 16-65 not working has increased 30% while their population has increased less than half that amount.


Anonymous said...

51 million immigrants in 8 years. Nearly all from the Third World. Most of the pathetic number of jobs created going to them. The government has destroyed us in the name of diversity. "National security" to them means starting a war with Russia over the repatriation of Russian lands like Crimea and flooding the US with jihadists.

Anonymous said...

Our enemies don't need invasion fleets to invade us, our enemies have the US government. The US government and the US education system in the most anti-White group in the world.