Friday, March 11, 2016

Nearly half of African-American adults are at risk of developing hypertension, a rate significantly higher than that of any other group in the United States

Hypertension-related ailments, such as strokes and end-stage renal disease, account for 20% of all deaths among African-Americans. Then there are the lesser-known facts - such as the inherent differences between blacks and whites in blood pressure regulation both during rest and exercise. These disparities exist even among healthy, non-hypertensive blacks. African-Americans respond differently to different forms of physiological stress, such as exercise, cold and other acute forms of stress. Researchers are looking at mechanisms to help explain theses differences. A thorough understanding of biological mechanisms associated with hypertension could have significant ramifications for all racial and ethnic groups. There appears to be less of an ability to defend against hypersensitive challenges and increases in blood pressure among African-American participants.

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