Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Neocon William Kristol would rather have Hillary Rodham Clinton as president than Donald Trump

Kristol wants to create a third party if Trump wins the nomination. This would likely take away enough votes from Trump to allow Clinton to win.


Anonymous said...

Proof positive that the joos have infiltrated the GOP.

Anonymous said...

A Trump administration would be bereft of neocohen fingerprints on foreign policy, and would feature honest immigration law enforcement. Kristol once published an article called, "Immigration Law by Yahoos" (might be a paraphrase, its been a few years), which let me know exactly whose side Kritol is on the delicate matter of who is to be America's future majority.

The neocohens were never on our side. It was a sham from the start. They knew the 1965 law would eventually empower whoever run big media over a divided populace, and they knew who would be running big media.
The two party duopoly has been effective for the neocohens. I hope Trump can force them back into their natural party, the Democrats.