Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blacks commit over three-quarters of all shootings, even though they are only 23% of New York City’s population

Add Hispanic shootings to black shootings and you account for 98% of all shootings in New York City. Whites are 34% of the city’s population but they commit less than 2% of all shootings.


Anonymous said...

This is a statistic that remains fairly constant around the US and where blacks, hispanics and Whites are located together. Exactly what this means certainly has had little effect in stemming the tide of rising crime against Whites in the form of rapes,murder,assault,robberies,and racial assaults by the POCs against Whites.

Unknown said...

The end of my most recent video hits Trump hard because of his total failure to call out black's thug culture. This means he is not even a member of the culturist Alt-Light. He also fails to consistently call out Islam or Mexican culture. In short, as he is not as against multiculturalism as he should be.

Here's the video:

Thanks for your work!