Wednesday, November 16, 2016

England and Wales: Black men were over three times more likely to be arrested than white men in 2014

Black individuals account for about 3% of the total population of England and Wales yet make up about 9% of defendants prosecuted for indictable offenses. Twice as many black women were jailed for drug offenses in 2014, comparative to the rate of white women, while young black males were more than 10 times more likely than young white males to be arrested for robbery. Men from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds were also more than 16% more likely than white men to be remanded in custody.

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Anonymous said...

I believe what to gain from this story is obvious, whenever there is a majority population they always pick on the smaller groups or the people who don't look like them racially. A good example is that the person who wrote this story: are you more likely to judge a black person negatively based upon their appearance only or will you give them a chance?

If you answered "I don't give them a chance." You've obviously gave the answer as to why black people are more likely to be arrested. It's because they're given less chances in countries where they are the smaller population.

I believe a good point to note is that white people commit the most murder for the purpose of theft, more than any other race, yet did you know that when people have committed genocide, murdering millions of Native Americans they were given awards by the United States Government? For a while they offered money rewards for the decapitated head of a Native American and then later money for their scalps.

The point being is that crimes by white people were obviously encouraged. White people commit the most murder for the purpose of theft. These are facts that are supported by the United States Government, so if you ever feel like stealing from/killing a person, you'll commit that murder and theft yet the Government will probably suspect/blame it on a black guy because they obviously think like you.

So, you are a hypocrite, your entire blog is based upon hypocrisy. And no, the Native Americans should have never accepted diversity to their ancestral homeland, if you claim that Europeans had cultural ties to America please provide the link to the great white American technology/culture/history keeping.