Tuesday, November 1, 2016

More than two-thirds of people in the Republic would vote for a united Ireland, a new poll has revealed

The Sunday Business Post / Red C opinion poll found that there has been a slight rise in support for a united Ireland, with a similar survey from July 2016 showing that 65% were in favor of an end to partition. In the latest survey 67% of respondents said that they would like to see Irish unity as a by-product of Brexit. The findings represent a 10% jump in support for a united Ireland since Red C first posed the question for the Sunday Times in 2010. The shock Brexit result in June 2016 sparked a renewed debate about a referendum on the Irish border.


Unknown said...

Surprised it's that low tbh. Meanwhile, the majority in Northern Ireland would still vote against a united Ireland - as they have done since before partition; which is why partition happened in the first place.

If the opinions of the Republic of Ireland are to overwhelm those of Northern Ireland is there any (non-hypocritical) reason that those of the entirity of the British Isles shouldn't overwhelm those of Republican Irish and see the people of the United Kingdom vote en masse for a re-United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, regardless of what those in Southern Ireland (and the Republican Northern minority) think?

Average Joe said...

Irish Catholics are the native people of Ireland. The English are not the native people of Britain. In fact, most English are just the descendants of German invaders. By rights, the English should be forced to return to Germany where they belong and return the island of Britain to the Welsh who are the descendants of the native British population.

Average Joe said...