Friday, October 27, 2017

A new study reveals that we’re attracted to people who look like our parents

The research, conducted by scientists at Glasgow University, concluded that heterosexual men and lesbians looked for women with the same eye color as their mothers. Similarly, the scientists found that heterosexual women and gay men were attracted to men whose eyes were the same color as their father. The study correlates to a theory known as positive sexual imprinting, whereby birds and mammals choose their mates based on attributes exhibited by their parents.


Anonymous said...

I call bullshit. There are millions of scenarios not explained by that.

Anonymous said...

My father has blue eyes, my mother has green eyes. My father was always perturbed because I didnt come out looking like him and his side of the family. I have green eyes like my mother. I also have my mother and her family's temperament, which is different from the disposition of my father's family. My father thinks the constitution and character of his family has more mettle. If I marry a woman who looks like my mother, fuggedaboudit! my father will hit the ceiling and probably disinherit me, this is a quandary for me.

I'm currently looking for a woman to marry who has hazel eyes, hazel is in-between blue and green eyes, people with hazel eyes, sometimes it looks like they have blue eyes, sometimes it looks like they got green eyes, this way maybe that will keep my father happy and maybe will make my mother proud I married a woman who looks kinda-sorta like her! Or, I have to find a woman with my mother's green eyes but has the temperament of my father and father's side of the family. It's not easy being a good son.

Though if I find a woman who knows how to cook like my mother I won't care what color eyes she has, and if she doesn't have the temperament of my father and his family, my father will just have to sulk, there will be nothing I can do about it. My wife will have to know how to cook as good as my mother, but NOT better than my mother, then my mother will get perturbed and angry with me. Notta the same-a color eyes and cooks-a betta then me! I'm-a gonna get your father after you, he'll-a fix-a your wagon! It's-a not easy, I'm tellin' ya'.

From : Giuseppe