Saturday, October 21, 2017

For many Democrats, borders are racist

Some common sense from Andrew Sullivan on the issue of immigration.

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Anonymous said...

The Leftists, especially the Leftists in Hollywood, don't think THE WALL around Jew israel is racist. The WALL around Israel is Sacred to the Left. The Mexicans shoot anyone trying to cross over the southern border of Mexico into Mexico. The Mexicans shoot any border crossers no questions asked. The Left has NO problem with that.

The Left never asks why the Muslims, who have 50 Muslim countries in the world to call their own, why the Muslims don't immigrate to other Muslim countries. Muslim countries don't allow Muslims from other Muslim countries to immigrate to Muslim countries. Even the Muslim countries don't want Muslim immigrants.

The Left, for the most part, supports Usrael's wars agianst the Muslim world. Supporting wars against Muslim countries that never harmed the United States is "Not" racist, as per the Left.

If Whites in the tens of millions poured into NON White countries the Left would be calling for WALLS for all the NON White countries and the Left would agitate for secure borders and WALLS for all the NON White countries, if Whites were pouring into NON White countries.

The Left has NO problem their Obama and Hillary destrroyed NON White Libya and the Left has NO problem with their Obama and Hillary gaving the Mexican Drug Cartel criminals tons of weapons and then after giving the Mexican drug dealers weapons invited the Mexican drug cartel criminals into the United States. "Operation Fast And Furious" . All of a sudden the Left is NOT opposed to guns and to gun violence. Yet, the Mexican drug cartel drug dealers are very murderous. They go around around Mexico and KILL in Colf Blood the Mexicans who are honest and law-abiding. The Left's Obama and Hillary are on the same side as the very muderous Mexican drug cartel drug dealers who are very murderous. But supposedly the Left is "deeply opposed" to guns and to gun violence and supposedly the Left loves and respects the Mexicans, even though the Left supports the Mexican drug dealers going around Mexico and KILLING in COLD BLOOD honest and law-abiding Mexicans. Echoes of the "Cristeros" war in Mexico in the 1920s. The Left also supported the KILLING in COLD BLOOD of the honest and law abiding Mexicans during the Cristeros War in Mexico in the 1920s.

From : Salvatore