Sunday, November 12, 2017

Another Jewish sex predator: Supergirl and Arrow showrunner Andrew Kreisberg has been suspended amid accusations of sexual harassment and inappropriate touching from 19 former and current employees

Warner Bros. Television Group have confirmed the suspension and said in a statement that it "takes all allegations of misconduct extremely seriously."


Dave said...

I can only stand in slack-jawed amazement as Hollywood self-destructs. We ditched Old Testament morality and replaced it with what? Sex between consenting adults? What if a man has power over a woman, or has something she wants? Is she really "consenting" if she gives him what he wants?

The traditional solution was to have an all-male hierarchy and, if the nature of the organization required women, a parallel all-female hierarchy. No one was ever left alone with a person of the opposite sex they weren't married to, and homosexuality was strictly forbidden.

Or course you'd never stand for such bigotry, you think gay sex is fine, right? Good, because you're going to suck me off right now or this breakout role goes to someone who will!

Monica Butler said...

Hello mate greaat blog post