Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Brazil promotes itself as a harmonious blend of races, but the reality as the country celebrates Black Awareness Day is that the darker your skin, the less chance you have of getting ahead

According to the state statistics office, only about 5% of management jobs are held by non-whites, who account for 54% of the population, according to the latest census. Among the richest 10% of Brazilians, 70% are white. Among the poorest 10%, 74% are black. Blacks are also hard to find in prominent media jobs or in fashion.

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BR Guy said...

Brazilian here. About the Affirmative Action increase from 8% to 27%:
1. This only accounts Federal Universities (free).
2. Federal Universities used to represent the high standard of education here, being better than Private ones.
3. This trend is reversing, as the Federal Universities, for the past couple decades, have been descending into shittiness, and are not the first choice of the brightest anymore, the Private Universities are ascending fast
4. This is due to Federal mismanagement and precisely Affirmative Action, both of which destroyed the quality of these institutions
5. This can be perceived as how now, even with their Diplomas, Blacks are unhireable because their Diplomas are worthless
6. This also reflects in the articles' comparison of "With the same qualification, Whites still earn more than Blacks in the same job" - that's because it's not the same qualification, as one has a degree in a top university and the other has a make-believe one from a shitty uni.

PS: The % of Whites in Brazil is much lower than the official statistics report. Our current president, Michel Temer, is from Syrian blood and is considered White, for instance. Many whitish-browns (hwhites) also consider themselves White.
These Whites aren't evenly distributed throughout the country as well - they're mainly in the Southern and Southeastern states.