Sunday, January 14, 2018

Only 4% of white graduates who never attended a for-profit defaulted within 12 years of entry, compared to 67% of black dropouts who ever attended a for-profit

Debt and default among black college students is at crisis levels, and even a bachelor’s degree is no guarantee of security: black BA graduates default at five times the rate of white BA graduates (21% versus 4%), and are more likely to default than white dropouts. The overall student loan default rate among Asians since 2004 is 6.2%, among whites 12.4%, among Hispanics 20.0%, and among blacks 37.5%.


Anonymous said...

"you owe me."

Anonymous said...

The "never" and "ever" in that headline are confusing me. Is "never" a typo? If it is, that sentence would be happier if it were rid of both words.

Average Joe said...

Unfortunately, that is the way the article that I used as a source phrased the sentence. It was confusing to me as well.