Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Freedom House shows Africa fared poorly in 2009, with 16 African countries showing declines in political rights and civil liberties

The human rights monitoring group Freedom House says Africa ranks as the "bleakest" region in a bleak year in terms of political rights and civil liberties in 2009. Freedom House Research Director Arch Puddington says Africa fared very poorly in its latest survey. "This past year, the year 2009, Africa declined more than any other region in the world. There were a total of 16 countries in Africa that showed declines and the number of improvements was considerably smaller than that," he said.


Why Africa Has Gone To Hell

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The Man said...

I'm sorry, did you say the director of Freedom House's name was, and I quote, "Arch Puddington?"

Because that would be far too awesome, possibly requiring awesome sauce my dear boy!

Average Joe said...

Apparently that is the guy's name as strange as it sounds.