Sunday, January 24, 2010

Race, education and patriotic immigration reform

Some disturbing facts from Richard Hoste:

In general, it’s obvious that the best thing that anyone can do for American K-12 education is — limit immigration. As Jared Taylor has shown, Hispanics have the highest drop out rate of any demographic and do poorly on standardized tests.

Right now, this group makes up 14 percent of the US population. The Census Bureau estimates that they will make up somewhere between 21 and 31 percent by 2050. In 2007, 8.8 percent of all 16-24-year-old Americans had dropped out of high school, compared to 21.4 percent of Hispanics. Not considering age structure of each population, a Hispanic increase of 17 percent alone will push the high school drop out rate up by about 25%.

Let’s look at what 93,800,000 Hispanics in the country — the Census Bureau’s 2025 high migration scenario — would do from another perspective. The IQ of this heterogeneous group seems to be around 90. America will get about 34,700,000 people capable of at least doing basic college work (IQ 105+), but 34,6000,000 who can expect to at best work at fast food restaurants if they’re employable at all (IQ 85-, see below), and of whom 8.5 million will be retarded.

Good luck, America!

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