Saturday, January 23, 2010

Minority-on-minority crime: Jermaine Ruiz charged with murders of girlfriend Jessica Ybe and her daughters

A man was hit with three counts of murder for stabbing his girlfriend and her two young daughters in a grisly bloodbath. Cops charged Jermaine Ruiz, 24, in the deaths of Jessica Ybe, 22, and her 2- and 5-year-old girls a day after finding the bodies in their East Flatbush apartment. Ybe was partially wrapped in plastic bags and the children were rolled in a carpet, cops said. Ruiz, 24, was preparing to hide the bodies in a Dumpster. He confessed to killing all three. The crime was uncovered after Ruiz called his father in the Bronx and told him what he had done. The father alerted police, and two detectives went to the apartment building. When the suspect opened the door, cops saw the body of his girlfriend, Jessica Ybe, partially covered with plastic bags. Inside, cops spotted the rolled-up carpet with plastic bags covering both ends. When they opened it up, the two little girls were inside.

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