Thursday, January 14, 2010

South Africa regularly comes bottom or near the bottom in international literacy, numeracy and science tests

Around 80% of schools are dysfunctional and half of all pupils drop out before taking their final exams. Only 15% get good enough marks to get into university and of those who do get in, barely half end up with a degree. Of the one in four blacks who took math exams in 2008, only 39% passed (despite a lowly passmark of just 30%), compared with 98% of whites; 28% of whites achieved a score of at least 80%, compared with just 2% of blacks. Just one in ten black pupils qualifies for university, compared with more than half of their white peers. Whites, who account for 9% of the population, gained 42% of the degrees awarded in 2007, almost exactly the same proportion as blacks, who are nearly ten times more numerous.


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