Saturday, March 27, 2010

Even for a black criminal Albert Bailey is pretty stupid

Authorities in Connecticut say two would-be robbers tried phoning in to pull off a bank heist. It didn't work. The attempted bank job unfolded at a branch of the People's Bank in Fairfield. Authorities said a bank employee received a phone call from a person demanding that $100,000 in large bills be gathered, or there would be a blood bath if the orders were not carried out. The employee hung up the phone and immediately called 911. The bank also initiated a lockdown but not before the caller's accomplice was already inside. The accomplice handed a teller a note demanding money at the exact same time the bank employee was talking on the phone to the police. After passing the note and collecting about $900, the suspect asked to be let out of the bank. By this time, patrol cars were on the scene. The suspect left the bank and encountered a police officer who ordered him to stop. The suspect then tried to run to the car where the other suspect was waiting. Both were arrested without incident. Police identified one suspect as Albert Bailey, 27, of Bridgeport, Connecticut. The other suspect is a juvenile. The two are charged with first degree robbery and threatening in the first degree. Bailey is on probation for another bank hold-up several years ago. The robbers insisted that the money waiting for them not be put in a dye pack. Their wishes were not followed, and a bag of cash exploded in dye when one of the suspects threw it on the ground.


SouLKid said...

What do u mean "FOR a black criminal"?

Average Joe said...

Blacks are less intelligent than other races.