Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is mass immigration a form of ethnic aggression to dispossess the white majority population?

Fjordman on Jews and immigration:

I correspond with a person in Norway sometimes, a Leftist actually, but about as intelligent and sensible as you can get and still be left-of-the-center. He predicts that there will be a serious eruption of Jew hatred in the United States in the near future when the economy tanks for real. Unfortunately, few people will have done more to fuel this than Thomas Friedman, an enthusiastic supporter of the ridiculous policy of exporting democracy to Iraq and of the continued mass immigration of Third World peoples, policies that are now crippling the US economy.

If we take a friendly approach we can perhaps say that Ashkenazi Jews support ethnocentrism for themselves but obstruct it for European Gentiles because they fear a Nazi-like society. The problem with this is that if you seriously believe that the white majority are a bunch of crypto-Nazis in the waiting then perhaps you should go and live somewhere else. If I lived in a country where I thought that most people were just waiting for an excuse to massacre me then I would leave.

Besides, the truth is that while Jews have sometimes been mistreated in some European countries they have been generally well treated in the United States. This means that the mass immigration supported by people like Mr. Friedman is starting to look like a form of ethnic aggression to dispossess the white majority population. This is a dangerous policy that will fuel resentment. Moreover, it doesn't make sense for Jews themselves to undermine one of the most pro-Jewish countries on the planet.

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