Monday, March 22, 2010

Karl Rove versus America

Steve Sailer once again takes Karl Rove to task:

Rove’s latest spin is that the Bush Administration should have pushed immigration up to 2005 to build a Spirit of Bipartisanship. As he writes on p. 409:

"In retrospect, it was a mistake to lead the second term by pressing for Social Security reform. If we had led with immigration reform—another issue the president cared about deeply—we would almost certainly have gotten it passed because Democrats said they would work with Bush on it. That success might have produced enough bipartisan confidence to tackle Social Security."

Pretty flat learning curve on this here Boy Genius.

The Kennedy-McCain amnesty bill failed in 2006 because the public felt the elites were teaming up against them. Rove’s considered view in 2010 is that the elites’ big mistake was in not teaming up against us earlier.

Rove is probably the only man in America who can guarantee Obama a second term as President.

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