Saturday, March 6, 2010

In February 2010, Hispanics gained jobs at nearly four times the rate of Non-Hispanics

Some disturbing facts:

Over the past year the number of unemployed native-born workers rose faster than unemployed foreign-born — by 17.3% versus 14.0%. This occurred despite the fact that the native-born left the labor force in far greater numbers: More than two and one half million natives bailed out in the 12 months ending February 2010, versus only 137,000 immigrants. The growth rate of native labor force dropouts (3.7%) was more than three times that of their foreign-born counterparts (1.2%). Labor force dropouts are not counted as “unemployed” although most are too discouraged to even look for work. And then there is the relentless growth in foreign-born working age population (16 years and older). It rose 1.7% from February 2009 to February 2010, or by more than twice the 0.7% rise in the comparable native-born population during the same period.

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