Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heritability and intelligence

More evidence from neuroscience is emerging that intelligence is highly heritable. The results from biology continues to support the hypothesis of the heritability of intelligence, which has been known from the work of psychologists for a long time now.


Anonymous said...

"... intelligence is highly heritable." Well, Duh. Francis Galton knew this. Without the political correctness police, people would generally have known 30 years ago that:
A. Over the span of 70,000 years, cold weather and Darwinian selection made Eurasians statistically less ape-like than black Africans.
B. Over the span of 30,000 years, proto-agriculture and rice farming made East Asians statistically less ape-like than white Europeans.
Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and left-wing socialism are garbage, but they promote notions of human fungibility. ethnic group A = ethnic group B ? Science gives a negative answer — contemporary politics and religions give a positive (but wrong) answer.

Average Joe said...

It is true that Galton and others have known about the true nature of intelligence for a very long time but now science is starting to show us how we can study differences in human intelligence by examining the brain scans of living humans - something that would have been impossible for Galton. With all the evidence that is rapidly accumulating it is becoming increasingly difficult for blank slaters to continue to deny that intelligence varies greatly between different racial and ethnic groups.