Friday, March 26, 2010

What have we learned from school statistics?

Steve Sailer:
The overwhelming finding, going back to James S. Coleman's 1966 report funded by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, is that race matters in school performance. Persistently large racial gaps are the single most obvious fact about educational performance.

But making the racial gaps go away is also the highest priority of educational research, which debilitates the research. Wishful thinking is preferred.

Actually I don't think that making the racial gap go away is a priority for many in this country. The racial gap has been used by some as evidence that white gentiles are oppressing blacks and Hispanics. Therefore maintaining the racial gap serves the political agenda of these people which is to demonize white gentiles as much as possible. Interestingly the fact that Ashkenazi Jews and northeast Asians outperform most white gentiles on IQ tests and academically is never taken as evidence that these groups are oppressing white gentiles. In the politically-correct, multicultural worldview white gentiles can only be oppressors, never the oppressed.

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