Thursday, March 18, 2010

In a new study, smoking has been linked to lower IQs

A direct correlation has been found between the number of cigarettes a smoker inhales and his IQ. People with lower IQs are the ones who tend to be smokers and the heavier the smoker, the lower the IQ. Some media reports distorted the findings of the study and reported that smoking actually damages your IQ, but the researchers says this is not likely the case, and it's not what they found in their study. The scientists say that it is very clear that people with low IQs are the ones who choose to smoke. The study shows that there could be a new intervention approach for health specialists at schools and in institutions where young people and teens are at risk for smoking. People with lower IQs could be targeted for specialized programs, helping them to kick or avoid the habit altogether. The researchers see their study as something that adds another piece of the puzzle to a larger group of studies ongoing around the world. Some scientists are testing the hypothesis that on average, people with lower IQs tend to make poorer decisions regarding their health. The team found that 18-year-old men who smoke a pack or more of cigarettes a day were likely to have an IQ score that on average is 7.5 points lower than that of young men who choose not to smoke.


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