Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A black man who knowingly infected a 19-year-old with HIV has been sent to jail for two years

His victim found out only when she went for a pregnancy test. Thirty-one-year-old Nicholas Andrew Richards was given two years in prison and a five-year unprotected sex ban after he pleaded guilty to two charges of grievous bodily harm. In June 2008 Richards had unprotected sex with a 19 year old despite knowing he was HIV positive. The young woman only found out she had the deadly virus when she fell pregnant and took routine blood tests. Luckily her baby was spared. Richards was sentenced to a year in jail and given a five year sexual offenses prevention order, which forbids him from having unprotected sex and means he must warn any potential partners about his HIV status. He was given an additional year's prison sentence for a separate incident of grievous bodily harm with intent when he assaulted a 28 year old leaving him with a partially severed tongue, bleeding to the left side of his brain, a bruised and swollen face and a broken nose.

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