Thursday, August 12, 2010

Poll finds that 61% of New York residents and 56% of New York City residents oppose the proposed Ground Zero mosque

Only 33% of New York City residents support it. Another poll shows that nearly 70% of all Americans oppose the controversial plan to build the mosque just blocks away from the solemn site in lower Manhattan while just 29% favor the construction. Broken down by party affiliation, 54% of Democrats oppose the plans while 82% of Republicans disapprove. Meanwhile, 70% of independents said they are against the proposal.


trencherbone said...

The Muslims have made a major tactical blunder with the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, and we Islamically-aware counterjihadists need to use it and strike while the iron is hot. The Muslim grand strategy requires incremental creeping Sharia and supremacism, where Islam insidiously takes over and slowly destroys Western civilization by a thousand cuts. Every advance should be so small that the 'najis kafir sons of pigs and monkeys' (that's us, folks!) either don't notice it, or can't be bothered to oppose such a minor irritation.

But this abomination has half awoken the sleeping giant of American Public Opinion. We need to keep prodding the giant to prevent him falling back to sleep, and hopefully get him to awake fully. To do this we need to spread our message beyond the counter-jihadist blogosphere, using local media and social networks etc.

We also need to link the Mosque issue to the general problems of Islamic supremacism in as many ways as possible, a full list of topics can be found here.

A particular example that most Americans will be unaware of is the Islamic motivation for the Beslan child-rape orgy and massacre, the sixth anniversary of which approaches. The MSM went to great lengths to cover up both the vileness of the sexual tortures, and the Muslim involvement and Islamic doctrinal basis of this attack on kafir children

Although Beslan did not produce the greatest number of casualties of the current jihad, it exceeds all others in its sadism and depravity, and graphically illustrates what we have allowed into the West. Please ensure through your blogs and forums that the anniversary of Beslan is not forgotten this year.

Average Joe said...

Thanks for the input and the useful links. Unfortunately, I think that most Americans will soon forget about the mosque abomination at Ground Zero because we are essentially lazy. We Americans prefer to take the path of least resistance which usually means turning a blind eye to anything that bothers us instead of fighting against it.