Thursday, August 19, 2010

An Indian Hindu leader has said it is time to weed out Christianity

Hindu BJP nationalist leader Prahlad Remani, a state lawmaker, has insisted Christianity in the State of Karnataka be stamped out. Making a statement at India’s Independence Day celebrations, he said the "seeds of Christianity" should be weeded if the state was to stop the religion from spreading. He said: "The followers of any religion, including the Hindus and others, must weed out Christianity." On the same day as the speech, two Protestant clergymen were detained by police. The two clergymen had been conducting a religious service in Karnataka, when 30 Hindu militants burst into the building where the meeting was taking place. Police moved in soon after. But instead of arresting the Hindu troublemakers, they arrested the two clergymen and about ten members of the congregation. The two clergymen were held on proselytizing charges. Since the BJP came to power there have been over 200 anti-Christian incidents in Karnataka, where there are about a million Christians out of a total population of 53 million.

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