Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome, a rare genetic disease whose most common symptoms are albinism, bleeding disorders, gastrointestinal difficulties and sometimes fatal pulmonary fibrosis is most prevalent in people of Puerto Rican descent, and one in every 1,800 Puerto Rico natives carries the HPS gene

Another interesting fact about this group is that as of 2010, Connecticut had the highest percentage of Puerto Rican-American residents of any state, at 7.1%, and the city of Hartford has a thriving Hispanic population — about 45% — many of whom are Puerto Rican-American.


Anonymous said...

Im american through and ancestor was john price who was documented at jamestown colony. All of my lines go back to the earliest and most influential american colonial families of welsh, english and scottish origin and i have Hermansky-Pudlak. Trust me when i say, the puerto ricans have not brought it here. The gene originated in northern europe and the most likely theory is that a european man spread his seed far and wide into the puerto rican population and thus the founder effect flourished.

Anonymous said...

That is actually true. From what I've researched HPS was first identified in two Czechoslovakian individuals. I think the year was 15-something-or-other. I'm not exactly sure about the date, but I know it was Czechoslovakia that it was first found in.