Saturday, January 19, 2013

Britain: The Metropolitan police has started investigating videos uploaded on the Internet in which Muslim vigilantes are shown imposing Shariat rules in London, including burning advertisement posters of women and forcing people to stop drinking alcohol

The group, which calls itself Muslim Patrol, was shown harassing people on these videos, which were initially uploaded on YouTube. The videos have been removed, but they have been uploaded on various blogs to highlight the actions of the vigilantes in parts of London, which they describe as Muslim areas. “Alcohol is evil, no alcohol. This is a Muslim area,” the hooded figures are shown telling a man in the 4 minute video. “We don’t care if you believe it or not,” a man is heard shouting at a woman, who also was asked to stop drinking. A couple is shown being threatened by the Muslim patrol as they walk along the footpath near a mosque. “The video was removed from YouTube because they said it violated their policy ‘prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten,’” according to the Christian Broadcasting Network blog, which has the uploaded video. “It then resurfaced on Media Research Center’s website. The video only vaguely ‘threatens’ the casual viewer on YouTube. But it is a major embarrassment to radical Islamists with their stealth jihad, who would have had an interest in seeing it taken down as soon as possible. The ‘Muslim Patrol’ YouTube channel has been terminated as well,” the blog said. The London vigilantes were highlighted just as Leicester saw a group of Sikh vigilantes attack a restaurant over a false rumour about a Sikh girl’s rape. The Leicester police has charged six men with conspiracy to commit violent disorder after a large group of people smashed the windows to a restaurant. The attack on the restaurant called Moghul Durbar came because of rumors about the abduction and rape of a Sikh girl. Six people were injured in the attack.

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