Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Girls as young as 11 were groomed and raped by a child sex ring run by South Asian Muslims before being sold to abusers across Britain

Nine men befriended vulnerable girls with gifts of perfume, alcohol and drugs before subjecting them to a living hell for eight years. The six girls were subjected to extreme physical and sexual violence while they were repeatedly raped by numerous abusers. Kamar Jamil, 27, Akhtar Dogar, 32, Anjum Dogar, 30, Assad Hussain, 32, Mohammed Karrar, 38, Bassam Karrar, 26, Mohammed Hussain, 24, Zeeshan Ahmed, 27, and Bilal Ahmed, 26, face a total of 79 charges against them. These include allegations of child rape, trafficking for sexual exploitation, arranging or facilitating child prostitution and using an instrument with intent to procure a miscarriage.


Anonymous said...

Black dude breaks leg fleeing from rape attempt

Anonymous said...

Never trust anyone darker than yourself.