Saturday, December 29, 2012

African Caribbean adults in Britain are twice as likely to have a stroke as people of European origin, according to figures published by the British Heart Foundation

In a recent study the charity found that one in four do not realize they are at higher risk of high blood pressure than any ethnic minority in Britain. It also found that more than twice as many are likely to develop diabetes than the general British population. June Davison, a cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation, says that there are specific reasons why African Caribbean communities are more vulnerable. "We definitely think there's a genetic element why this population are at higher risk - but the key things are that this group of people are more likely to have high blood pressure and are much more likely to have diabetes, and these are key risk factors for stroke and heart disease." Traditional Caribbean dishes can contain high amounts of salt and saturated fats. Latest statistics show that more than half of African Caribbean adults (51%) don't know the recommended ideal level for blood pressure, and less than half of those surveyed (46%) know that the recommended maximum daily allowance for salt is one teaspoon.

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