Monday, December 17, 2012

Racial minorities spend a larger portion of their incomes than do whites on conspicuous consumption - buying products that suggest high status

A study has found that, overall, blacks had more positive evaluations of high-status products than did whites. But more importantly, blacks who considered their race to be an important part of their identity rated high-status goods higher than did blacks who had lower racial identification. There was no such difference among whites in the study. According to the researchers, because African Americans are seen as lower in status in our society, those who identify more strongly with being black are more likely to compensate by seeking high-status goods.


Anonymous said...

Black people have always valued showy items. It is not related to their status relating to other people. West Africans would trade items for European beads. They prefered Italian beads because they were more colorful and shiny. They would make elaborate costumes out of the beads.

Anonymous said...

So that's why I see blacks with worn out tennis shoes driving Mercedes cars.