Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gunmen shot and killed five women who were administering polio vaccines to children in Pakistan, in a pair of attacks likely intended to strike fear into health workers across the country

The Taliban has been a vocal opponent of the government's UN-backed drive to vaccinate children against polio, claiming that the vaccine is harmful and that the workers administering it are American spies. Four women have been killed in Karachi, in an attack that also critically wounded two male workers. Gunmen on motorcycles also gunned down a 17-year-old girl overseeing an anti-polio campaign near Peshawar. "These incidents are depressing, and may cause difficulties in the anti-polio drive, but people should not lose heart," a senior health official said. The government is "determined to eliminate polio despite all odds and difficult conditions."

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Anonymous said...

Muslims were responsible for preventing polio from being wiped out a while back when it was cornered in africa as well. The obvious and sane answer here is to simply ban all migration of people from these regions, but that isn't too likely.