Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Saudi man has been jailed in Detroit following his arrest for altering his passport and not being truthful about why he had a pressure cooker in his luggage

According to a criminal complaint, Al Kwawahir Hussain could not explain to U.S. Customs officers at Detroit Metropolitan airport why pages were missing from his Saudi passport. He told them only that his family had access to it and he kept it locked in a box, and that he was planning on visiting his nephew, according to the court filing. During followup security screening, customs officers discovered a pressure cooker in his luggage. Pressure cookers are not illegal but have been in the spotlight since they were used in the Boston Marathon bombings. "Initially, he said that he brought the pressure cooker for his nephew because pressure cookers are not sold in America," the complaint said. But Hussain changed his story and said that his nephew had purchased one in the United States that "was cheap" and broke after its first use, officers reported. Based on the conflicting stories and missing pages in his passport, Hussain was arrested and charged with altering a passport and making materially false statements.

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