Monday, May 6, 2013

Chicago: A HIV-positive black man has been ordered held in lieu of $5 million bail for sexually assaulting a male teenager after the victim refused to have sex for money

Kevin T. Miller, 48, was charged with criminal sexual assault in the incident, according to court records. Miller and a 16-year-old were at a mutual acquaintance's home in the same building where Miller lives, according to Assistant State's Attorney Elizabeth Dibler. Miller offered the teen $100 for sex but the teen refused and went to the bathroom. He followed the victim into the bathroom and grabbed him. They struggled, Miller pulled down the victim's pants and sexually assaulted him. The teen broke free, left the bathroom, grabbed a vodka bottle and hit Miller in the head. Miller had a bandage on his head when he appeared in Cook County Bond Court. The victim ran out of the apartment and a witness called police. Miller told police that he was HIV positive.

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