Sunday, May 5, 2013

African refugee crime in Massachusetts: A 20 year old Liberian refugee, Charles Monroe, was recently arrested for stalking three teenage girls as they were walking to school in the morning in the Vernon Hill section of Worcester

In three separate incidents, Monroe pulled a knife on each girl as they walked alone to school. The first two girls managed to get away. But the other was forced into a nearby apartment building, where she was raped and sexually humiliated. In court, Charles Monroe laughed as the charges were read.


Anonymous said...

They are coming here for a better life.

Anonymous said...

And making it worse for everyone else.

Gem Junior said...

This boon was laughing in court because he is so stupid he doesn't understand what he did wrong. Plus he's going to jail where he will live better than he ever dreamed of compared to where he comes from and he will probably rape some deracinated white individuals who don't have the normal instinct to stick together. Why do our shitty gov't officials let them in again? Oh right to serve as their footsoldiers in killing and assaulting whites. My hatred runs deep. Yes, I am a hater.