Saturday, November 23, 2013

Denmark: By 2050, less than one fifth of the population will have IQs in the 90 to 104 range, whereas over half will have IQs in the 70 to 85 range

Primary schools in Denmark will mainly have low IQ children of sub-Saharan, Middle Eastern, North African, Latin American, and Caribbean backgrounds. By 2072, ethnic Danes will have fallen to 60% of the population and 33% of all births. They will become a minority around 2085.


Christian Identity Forum said...

The joys of diversity: the death of the white race through low birth rates and miscegenation, degradation of cities, e.g. Detroit, and a decrease in the intelligence of the population, owing to increasing numbers of blacks and mongrels who are part black.

Musashi said...

What in hell on earth is wrong with white people that they allow their countries to be infested with third world filth?

Can anyone answer this question?

Luke Raines said...

Unfortunately, Jewish billionaires have used their wealth to ensure that the politicians in most white countries end up pursuing an anti-white agendas.