Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Two men and a woman have been killed in Western Norway after an African wielding a knife hijacked the express bus that they were travelling on

The African in his 30s, from South Sudan, has been arrested and was flown to hospital in Bergen where he was being treated for injuries sustained during the hijack. Trine Erdal, a spokesperson for Norwegian police said that she could not yet give details on the hijacker's state of mind or his likely motive. Police said that there were only three people on the bus at the time of the attack – the 50-year old driver, a Swedish citizen also in his 50s and a 19 year old Norwegian girl – and that the hijacker killed all of them. The 31-year-old killer is from southern Sudan but is currently living in Ă…rdal, the small Norwegian town where the hijack took place. The attack marks the second time that the express bus between the towns of Aardal and Tyin has been hijacked by an African. In 2003, a mentally disturbed 26-year-old Ethiopian man seized the bus and stabbed the driver to death.

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Musashi said...

The only question that matters is: What is a filthy skinny doing in Norway?