Sunday, November 10, 2013

Spanish police arrested a gang of 25 Nigerians who were engaged in human trafficking, Internet fraud and money laundering

Five women victims of sex slavery were released during the crackdown on the underground operation in Spain. The gang was using Spain as a springboard to send Nigerian women to be exploited in other countries and it laundered profits by buying luxury products that were shipped to Lagos, Nigeria, in vans with darkened windows and welded doors. The crackdown seized 94 vans near Madrid and 26 loaded ones at Valencia port containing goods — such as expensive television sets and cases of premium liquor — with an estimated value of $6.7 million. The gang, originally formed around 1990 at Nigerian universities, was behind Nigerian letters that tried to fraudulently extract money from recipients. The gang captured women in Nigeria, flew them with false identity papers to Mexico and Brazil, then sent them to Paris, from where they were driven to Spain. Eight of the 25 suspects were illegal immigrants and the arrests occurred in several Spanish cities.

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Anonymous said...

How dare those eeeeevil Spangolies arrest these entrepreneurs! Keeping da brothaz down I tell ya! They must be offspring of Franco's men.