Friday, January 16, 2015

Good news: An exodus of "French" Jews is already underway and accelerating rapidly

In 2012, there were just over 1,900 immigrants to Israel from France. The following year nearly 3,400 "French" Jews emigrated; in 2014 approximately 7,000 left. For the first time ever, France heads the list of countries of origin for immigrants to Israel, and the ministry of immigration absorption expects another 10,000 "French" Jews to arrive in 2015. That would mean more than 22,000 Jews fleeing France for Israel in the space of just four years, nearly 4.5% of the country’s Jewish population. The departure of 100,000 "French" Jews might once have been inconceivable. No longer. In a 2014 survey of France’s Jewish community, the largest in Europe, three out of four respondents said that they were considering emigrating.


Anonymous said...

The news might even get better. Who knows? Now that the anti-Jewish Mohammedans are taking over Paris, maybe they'll attack and desecrate the mega hebe Judah Benjamin's grave : Southern hero, the Southern "American" Judah Benjamin's Sacred Hallowed-Ground grave, and the Southerners will finally get worked-up enough to get off their butts and Secede from the "moslem" Obama and "moslem" Uncle Sam already.

From : Yankee Joe

Anonymous said...

The Jews call us NON Jews "cattle" -- the jew word "goyim" means "cattle" . The Jews are so busy calling everyone else cattle they can't see how much their own Jew leadership herds them around something intense. The Jews get herded around even more than anyone else -- and that's saying a lot.

The Jews in France are scared and want to move to Israel. The Jews in Israel are scared and want to move to Germany. Most -- if not all -- the terrorism is Jew planned-orchestrated-and-bankrolled. The leader of ISIS/ISIL , Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a Jew, an Arab Jew. Trained by the Mossad. The JDL and the "Muslim" terrorist groups in Europe owned and controlled by the Mossad attack Jews in Europe under the guise of being Mohammedans. Hamas was started by Israeli Jews.

If so many Jews in Israel are scared and moving to Germany, and the French Jews are scared and want to move out of France, wouldn't it make more sense for the French Jews simply to move to Germany? It would save them from moving to Israel and then having to go through the hassle to pack their bags once more to move to Germany.

From : Salvatore