Monday, January 19, 2015

Jewish billionaire George Soros funded black riots in Ferguson

I have always believed that one of the world's greatest problems is that we have far too many wealthy Jews. The world would be a much better place if our governments did everything they could to turn rich Jews into poor ones.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Martin Luther King Jr's handlers were ALL Communist Jews. The Commie Jews raised Martin Luther King up purposely to be a hero to the blacks so the very same Commie Jews could then assassinate him and get the blacks full of violent rage against us White Christian Americans. That's basically the story of Martin Luther King Jr. in a nutshell.

His name is made up. Martin Luther King is not his birth name. All his speeches were written by his Jew handlers. Martin got through school plagiarizing his way through with the help of Jews.

So I'm not surprised the Jew Soros bank-rolled the black riots in Ferguson. He probably funds all the "blacklivesmatter" protests.

The history of the NAACP is real easy to find online. Find out why EXACTLY the Jews started the NAACP. It had NOTHING to do with peace, love, and understanding. NOTHING.

What I don't understand is : The Soros family were Nazis during WW2. Yet, the Jews made him one of their most important and influential leaders in the USA. And the Jews don't seem to have any problem with it. Quite the opposite, the Jews love Soros. Yet, the Jews will do everything they can to throw any low level German involved in the concentration camps in jail, yet their main leader in the USA, his family threw their fellow Jews into the concentration camps, and the Jews look up to him as a revered leader. Menachem Begin was also a Nazi during WW2 and threw his fellow Jews into concentration camps, and the Jews made him Prime Minister of their beloved Israel.

Nazism, Communism, the Jews don't care, as long as there's Violence and Blood Shed and War.

From : Yankee Joe